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Our Top Picks

1. SpinAgain


This is one of our favourite items. It is simple but very engaging for our clients across a variety of ages (we do work with older children that enjoy this). 

This can be used in so many ways that it makes for the perfect addition in to any therapy toolbox. Some of the ways we use it include (but are not limited to):

  • Joint attention 
  • Choosing (asking our client to choose which ring they want next by colour or size)
  • Manding/requesting - using this item for Manding/requesting is very successful if our clients enjoy this item. Some examples of target words for Manding with this item include: ring, colour, size, again, spin, ready stead go, on 
  • As a reinforcer that the client can enjoy on their own or with you (with no expectation tom and during the activity). 


2. Multifunctional Timer

We just love, LOVE this multifunctional timer. It is easy to use, easy to access (you can either clip it on to yourself or stand it up so it can be visible) and offers versatility.

We especially love the 'flashing light' function as a lot of our clients are averse to loud noises, so a typical digital timer can provide too much auditory input. By selecting the 'flashing light' function, you can fully utilise the countdown function. 

We use the multifunctional timer for:

  • Countdown timer for transitioning 
  • As a stop watch for duration of time (for example how long it takes to complete a task or to monitor and track behaviours that may be seen as challenging)


3. Uh-Oh Hippo

This is a beautifully designed game, where small everyday items are placed inside the hippos mouth. The hippo will then spit out the items one at a time which our clients love and keeps them engaged. We use this game in a variety of ways, but here are just a few:

  • Labeling/tacting the items
  • Receptive understanding - I.e. asking our clients to find specific items or perform specific actions with the items
  • Requesting/manding for what item they would like to put into the hippos mouth.
  • Counting the number of items
  • Turn taking


4. Squeeze Popper Pig

This is a great cause and effect toy. You place the ball inside the mouth (or snout, whichever you prefer :) and press the pigs tummy. The ball pops out and flies through the air. This is also great for using in combination with other items (see top pick 5).

We use this mainly as a reinforcer, but we also incorporate:

  • Turn taking
  • Following directions (to find where the ball has gone)
  • Simple maths - e.g. how many balls are missing if we started with 6?
  • Manding/requesting (make sure you hold onto the balls and the learner can and/request for another ball)
  • Speech sound work - selecting items that begin or end with a specific sound so the learner can practice producing the sound correctly

5. Discovery Acorns

These little gems create mystery for our clients. Each small acorn is hollow and allows for small objects to be placed inside. The set comes with a select of objects, however you can also use your own, as long as they fit inside ( we like doing this).

A few ways we use this resource are:

  • Speech sound work - selecting items that begin or end with a specific sound so the learner can practice producing the sound correctly
  • Labeling/tacting the item
  • Descriptive Language - the learner opens an acorn and has to describe it without saying what it is so the adult can guess the item
  • Matching - identical and non identical (i.e. two cats that look different). Once the learner has opened an acorn, they must see if it matches any of the items that have already been 'discovered'. As all the acorns are opened, the learner must pair up (match the items). 
  • Turn Taking


6. Mr Potato Head Movin' Lips

This singing sensation is a hit with the kids. With all the features of the original Mr Potato Head but one additional feature - it talks while his lips move!

This toys very engaging and fun to interact with. It can be used to work on the following things:

  • Body parts
  • Independence - completing an activity that is structured
  • Manding/requesting
  • Reinforcer/motivating item


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